Spotlight Teeth Whitening Pen


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Spotlight Teeth Whitening Pen

The Spotlight Whitening Pen is the perfect addition for those who already love using our strips and will maintain their whitening effects. Perfect to use while on the go and is the ideal handbag size!

Spotlight Teeth White Pen is an easy to use whitening pen which dispenses a small amount of gel, containing the active whitening ingredients hydrogen carbonate calcium, on to the teeth. Unlike other pens which use a white paint like substance to cover stains, this formula actively dissolves stains leaving long lasting results.

  • Twist base of pen twenty times or until gel has be sufficiently dispensed onto the brush.
  • Using the brush, paint your teeth with the whitening agent.
  • Leave in place for five minutes.
  • After five minutes rinse gel away with water.
  • Use daily to maintain whitening effects.

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