Ogam Lavender Oil 10ml


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Ogam Lavender Oil 10ml


A calming, antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Soothing to both the mind and body Lavender is our number one selling essential oil. Burn or vaporise to soothe and relax. Good for all skin types but especially oily or greasy skin as it regulates sebum production.  Promotes cell growth and rapid healing for scars and stretch marks, antiseptic for insect bites and stings, excellent used neat on burns an sunburn, good for healing dermatitis and psoriasis.

It has skeletal benefits as it eases rheumatism.

Muscular – it soothes and relieves aches, pains and sprains.

Circulatory- Lavender lowers high blood pressure and other stress related conditions such as palpations. Lavender also balances emotions, lifts depression, relieves stress, insomnia and anxiety and relieves headaches, migraine, tension and shock. It has respiratory benefits as it relaxes breathing, eases bronchitis and laryngitis; antiviral effect on flu and colds.


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