Blank Canvas 21 piece brush set

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21 Pro Deluxe brushes

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Blank Canvas 21 piece brush set

The Pro Deluxe 21 piece set is a complete brush made up of a mix of natural and synthetic super soft, high quality brushes.

 11 x face brushes, 9 x eye brushes and 1 x Lip brush.  1 X BRUSH FOLIO

Face Brushes

  • F02 Double Ended Painter Style Foundation Brush
  • F03  Stipple Brush
  • F14 Small Contour
  • F15 Small Tapered (Red/black Bristles)
  • F17 Pointed Tip Concealer
  • F20 Flat Buffer Brush (Black/Hot Pink)
  • F21 Angled Buffer Brush (Black/Green)
  • F22 Round Buffer Brush (Metallic Purple)
  • F25 Large Powder/Bronzer
  • F30 Sculpt Brush
  • F42 Large Contour


Eye Brushes

  • E23 Short Pencil 
  • E24 Flat Shader Brush 
  • E25 Round Top Blending Brush 
  • E26 Blending Brush
  • E28 Ultra Fine Liner
  • E30 Brow/Spoolie
  • E39 Bent Eyeliner
  • E42 Pointed Socket Blender
  • E44 Flat brush


Lip Brushes
L29 Lip Brush/Definer


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