We are always looking our for the quick fix aren’t we? I was intrigued to taste this product & also to complete the challenge to see how I felt afterwards.

I have done this a few times. The first time was after Christmas when I had a ball coming up & wanted to be looking my very best. I find the taste of it very pleasant & easy to drink. The most difficult part of it is thinking of it first thing in the morning & making it rather than my regular cup of tea. The tea comes as a loose tea in a resealable pack. Each day you fill your infuser with the loose tea. Then pop this into your mug & pour some boiling water into the cup. After a few minutes when the tea is strong enough I usually take the infuser out of the cup. The new infusers are great as they come with a little tray that the infuser sits on until you want your next cup. The loose tea lasts for 4 cups then after that, you need to freshen it up with new leaves. It is recommended that you drink 4 cups a day. You don’t have to totally cut out normal tea & coffee but I suppose it’s all the better if you do.

What I find about drinking Miss Fit Skinny tea is that I don’t snack in between meals. I normally associate a regular cup of tea with having a biscuit or a sweet treat. When I drink Miss Fit I don’t crave something to eat along with it. Therefore I don’t eat as much when I drink it. I find the tea great for digestion & notice that my tummy is much flatter & not bloated when I’m drinking it. I’ve noticed an increase in my energy levels & my skin is much brighter too.

With all these positives effects I often wonder why I don’t just drink it every day!

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